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YO, PIANO is a stage concert for piano inspired by the works of pianist and composer Carlos Bianchini. The show takes a step beyond in the experience of a recital. It creates a setting where stage play seeks to broaden the already extensive meanings of the music, thus generating an experience of both sight and sound.

The concept investigates from the form, the relationship of the performer and his music by means of body-instrument-space. The piano is presented as a manipulable object and music as an emotional connector. This is how one investigates the composer and performer’s relationship with his own reality and the new and hybrid expressive capabilities offered by the stage.


Pianist and composer: Carlos Bianchini

Stage direction: Tagore Gonzalez

Stage and costume design: Isis of Coura

Texts: Carlos S. Bouma

Lighting design: Jorge Colomer


Design and advice on sound experimentation: Jordi Solans

Electronic engineer: Javier Gorostiza

Live sound and audiovisual engineer: Sergio Chaparro


Corporeal construction: Readest

Voice-over: Cachito Noguera

Translation of texts into French: María Àngela Serra

Still photograph: Ray Garcia

Teaser recording: Alonso Valbuena and David Aguirre

Production and distribution: Judea Vivancos, International BPM



Performer: Carlos Bianchini

Director: Tagore Gonzalez

Art direction: Isis of Coura

Photography direction: Roberto San Eugenio, AEC

Art assistant: Andrea Busmar

Camera assistant: David Aguirre

Electricity: Barbara Fernandez

Production: Judea Vivancos

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