A solo piano recital is something extraordinary, even in a large hall. The performer with his instrument is capable of enveloping the audience in a powerful and intimate experience.

Bianchini has found in the format of solo piano a perfect expressive formula for conveying and displaying the simplicity, and also the greatness, of the art of music.   For him, the magic of this art lies in the relationship that emerges between the audience and the performer, as musician and listener share a fleeting moment together, in an intimate experience at a moment of time and in a particular place that is theirs and theirs alone. 

Solo piano is a live recital, by definition. The individual and the instrument unite in a symbiosis to offer the listener the privilege of a uniquely personal and inimitable moment of time.


Creation: Carlos Bianchini

Performer: Carlos Bianchini

Musical composition: Carlos Bianchini

Graphic design: Pako López, La Soberbia Comunicación

Management: Judea Vivancos

Production: International BPM S.L.

Duration of the show: 90 min with intermission

Copyright © 2019 Carlos Bianchini Music