What is the creative process of a composer? What stories lie behind a musical composition? How do colors relate to music?  These and many other questions are explained by the pianist and composer Carlos Bianchini in his show Los Colores de la Música, an educational concert with audiovisuals aimed at the youngest audience, especially children between the ages of 6 and 11.

Parents and children will be immersed in a cognitive concert that will recreate synaesthetic sensations and transfer perceptions from one sense to another. To achieve this, the pianist will use multimedia features and a lighting design that will help to blur the boundaries between sound and color, composition and frame.


Creation: Carlos Bianchini

Performer: Carlos Bianchini

Musical composition: Carlos Bianchini

Lighting: Art Media Studio

Audiovisuals: Art Media Studio

Management: Judea Vivancos

Production: International BPM S.L

Duration of the show: 50 min, no intermission

Copyright © 2019 Carlos Bianchini Music