Solo Piano - Sonata dels Infants

2018 Classical Music Carlos Bianchini


Piano: Carlos Bianchini

Produced by: Carlos Bianchini & Jordi Solans

Composition: Carlos Bianchini

Released by: Internacional BPM S.L.

Recording, mixing and mastering: Jordi Solans (July - September 2017)

Project Manager: Judea Vivancos

Concept Design: Carlos Bianchini & Pako López

Graphic Design and Layout: Pako López, for La Soberbia Diseño y Comunicación

Cover illustration: David Garcia

Recorded in: José Carreras Auditorium in Vila-seca, Spain

Piano: Steinway Model D

Piano technician: Victor Polidano

Photographs: Maria Diez

Carlos Bianchini portrait: Guido Karp

Texts: Núria Serra & Carlos Bianchini

Translation into Catalan: María Àngela Serra

Translation into English: James Hollander 

The pianist and composer Carlos Bianchini presents his first album Sonata dels Infants, a selection of his own works for piano he performs himself. This compilation includes pieces from his youth, travel notebooks and works such as the Sonata dels Infants, a composition dedicated to his three sons that gives the project its title.

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